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You can login to your account in 3 ways.
  • Use your Trading ID, Password, and 2 Factor Authentication (OTP/TOTP).

  • You can use 4 digit MPIN setup in the app.

  • Subsequently, using mPIN or Biometric authentication like Fingerprint and Face ID in Android and iPhones devices.


Multi-User Login

App facilitates you to login to multiple accounts on a single mobile device. You can easily switch from one account to another account. You can see the list of all users who logged in earlier. You can easily select the user-id from the list which you wish to login.


  • You will be able to view Scrip name, LTP and change from previous close on the Watchlist and also initiate trades from here. You can create multiple Watchlist by selecting any of the pre-configured Watchlists. Or by creating a completely new Watchlist as per your choice.
  • You can view different Watchlist and set any one as default by using the drop-down option in the Watchlist.
  • You can rename the Watchlists using the “Rename” option in the Menu (Menu Icon) option in the menu.

You can make fund transactions directly through (₹) icon available on the watchlist.

Change Indices

You can pin your 2 favorite indices to watchlist

Don't miss

The application scans all the scrips across all your Watchlists and intimates you in case there are any Key events in these scrips. You can view this section by scrolling down the Watchlist Screen.

Don't miss Watchlist

The Application also creates a dedicated Watchlist to showcase the scrips which you should not miss. You can set the Don't Miss Watchlist as default by using the drop-down option the watchlist.


If you hold any of the scrips in your Watchlist, the application will highlight Portfolio Icon (portfolio) the no. of shares you hold along with the Unrealised Profit or Loss from the purchase price.


The system will show the key events in a scrip in your Watchlist by tagging them appropriately. Tags Icon

Smart View

You can view key scrip info of different scrips in your Watchlist by swiping left or right.

Add scrip to Watchlist

You can search for any Scrip and add them to your Watchlist from Search window. You can also add any scrip to your Watchlist using the (+) anywhere in the app.

Remove Scrip from Watchlist

You can remove any scrip from the Watchlist using the “Remove” option in the Menu (Menu Icon) option.

Rearrange Scrip from Watchlist

You can rearrange the scrips in the Watchlist by using the “Rearrange” option in the Menu (Menu Icon) option.

Sort & Filter

Tap on the Filter icon (Filter Icon) on the right side of the screen to sort the Watchlist or filter items in the Watchlist. You can sort the Watchlist alphabetically, based on LTP, percentage change in LTP, Asset Type & Exchange segment. Select and apply any of the options to Watchlist.

Delete Watchlist

You can delete an entire Watchlist by using the “Delete Watchlist” option in the Menu. (Menu Icon)

Scrip Info

You will get all scrip related information like chart, alert scrip overview, events, recommendations, analysis and company information in this section.
  • Set Alerts

    You can set an alert on the various parameters using bell icon Bell Icon on top.

  • Add to Watchlist

    Use Add Icon button to add scrip to any of your existing or to a new Watchlist.

  • Trade

    You can initiate trade using Buy Buy Icon & Sell Sell Icon in the Scrip Info page.

  • Chart

    You can open chart using Chart Icon in the Scrip Info page.

The events tags are elaborated in overview. Overview will provide you Market depth with price, No. of orders and quantity with volume histogram. Check out key stats for other data like 52 week high and low, Open and close, day low-high, Average trading price, Value, Volume, Last traded time and Last Updated time.


You can see all the latest and upcoming news and announcement for the scrip here.


You will be able to see all the recommendations for this scrip here.


You can view technical and fundamental summary of the scrip here. In Technical analysis you can explore Charts, Support & Resistance, Put Call ratio, Open Interest, Moving average and Delivery quantity build-up report under analysis section.


You can check scrip Health Score, Financial ratios, Shareholding patterns, Trend analysis of financial information, view and download Financial statement from this section.

Futures Tab

You can see all the future contracts of the underlying scrip and initiate trade from here.

Options Tab

You can see the Option Chain for the underlying scrip and initiate trade from here.

Option Chain

You can view the option chain along with OI, IV and Greeks (Delta, Theta, gamma, Vega, rho).

Company Information

Check out company information like security details, Management, Exchange and Index Listing and Contact Information for the company.

Order Entry

The application is designed to provide you with the most humanized experience of trading and order execution. You can initiate the Order Entry from multiple places.

The Trade Icon button or the Buy and Sell button anywhere in the app will enable you to initiate Order Entry.

The application supports all the major order types such as, Intraday, Delivery, Margin Trading Facility (MTF), Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow (PTST), Multileg, Spread.

You can place Market, Limit or Stop Loss Trigger orders for all these Order types.

Order Types
  • Market Order: If you want to ensure execution of an order and you are not looking for a specific price of execution, you should use the Market Order option. In this type of order, the exchange will match the order quantity at the best possible price to ensure complete execution.

  • Limit Order: If you want to execute your order at or better than a predefined price and you are not concerned if the order does not get executed if that price is not achieved, you should use the Limit Order option. In this type of order, the exchange will match the order price and only execute the quantity which matches the desired price.

  • Stop Loss Trigger Order: If the price which you want to execute your order is not yet traded and you want to wait till the desired price (Trigger price) is available in the exchange to submit your order, you should use the Stop Loss Trigger Order Option. You can execute the order at Market or Limit after your Trigger price is achieved.

  • Intraday Order: These orders are executed for a particular day only. The orders are automatically squared off at the end of the day if you do not square off the same.

  • Delivery/Carryforward Order: Once these orders are executed and the position is carried forward for multiple days. These orders are not squared off by the system.

  • Purchase Today Sell Tomorrow (PTST) Order: Once these orders are executed they are automatically squared off the next day, if you do not square off before square off time the next day.

  • Margin Trading Facility (MTF) Order: These orders function the same as Delivery order, but the Margin/Fund required for execution is usually less than that required for Delivery order. This function is subject to authorisation, contact us for the same.

  • Multileg Order: You can send two leg or three leg order in Futures and Options contracts using the Multileg Order functionality.

  • Spread Order: You can send two leg orders to be executed on the price spread instead of individual prices.

  • GTD Order: Order which remains active in the system till user define specific date unless it has already been executed or cancelled.

  • Bracket Order: You can place a combination of 3 orders, including the main buying or selling order, a target order, and a stop-loss order. Simply bracket your main order on both sides. Once the main order gets executed, both orders stop-loss and the target order gets placed automatically into the market.

  • Trailing Stop-Loss: You can trail your stop-loss order automatically in the market direction. You can set the stop-loss price at a fixed amount below the market price with the attached tailing amount.

  • Equity SIP: Instead of investing a lummsum amount in stock, you can invest a fixed amount of money or quantity at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.) in a systematic manner.


This is a single window to know all about the Orders you have placed and Positions that you hold. This single window gives you all the details which you were able to get from Order Book, Trade Book and Net Position window.

You can select and view orders by different Order Types like Single Scrip Orders, Spread Orders, Multileg Orders, Good Till Date Orders and Eq SIP orders.

The orders are segregated by Open, Completed and All orders.

  • Open Orders: Shows the details of all orders pending in the Exchange.

  • Completed Orders: Shows the details of all orders fully executed in Exchange or Cancelled by you.

  • All Orders: Shows the details of all orders entered by you today.

You can click on any Order to see its full details and the respective Trades received from the Exchange. You can also Modify or Cancel the orders. Convert from Intraday to Delivery or other order types.

You can see All your Positions by clicking on “Net Position” option. You will be able to see your Profit and Loss Marked to the Current Market Value (MTM) of the scrip. You can also close all open orders simultaneously by using the “Square Off All” option in the Net Position Window.

Order Cart

Create multi-scrip orders using Order Cart and execute them on the go. Users can add individual scrips to a Cart Icon OR convert a watchlist into a Cart Icon

  • What is Order Cart?
  • Order Cart is a convenient mechanism for App-users to execute multi-scrip orders in one go. Instead of placing individual orders for each scrip, a trader can use an Order Cart to manage and execute trade for multiple scrips.

  • What are the benefits of Order Cart?
    • Simultaneously buy or sell a group of securities in a single order window.
    • Convert any Watchlist into an Order Cart.
    • Save an Order Cart or execute now.
    • Place Delivery or Margin (Intraday) orders using this feature.
    • Place Market, Limit, SL entry and AMO orders via Order Cart.
    • Modify individual orders within the cart before execution.
  • What is the limitation of Order Cart?
    • Only cash segment orders can be placed via Order Cart.
    • A cart of maximum 50 scrips can be added to an Order Cart.
  • How to create Order Cart?
    • Create an Order Cart from Watchlist.
      • Convert your watchlist into Order Cart.
      • Scroll down in watchlist to access Order Cart.
      • You can view or edit an Order Cart like add scrips, remove scrips, change product type (intraday or delivery), order type (Limit, Market and Stop Loss order) and Price and Quantity.
      • You can check Margin before order execution.
      • You can save your Order Cart for future references and execute instantly.
    • Create Order Cart for Menu
      • You can get your saved Order Cart list and create a new Order Cart from the Order option available in the Menu.
      • You can modify saved Order Carts to rename, edit or delete.


You can get complete insights of your holdings here. You can see the Current Value, Overall Profit and Loss, Day’s Profit and Loss as well as the Invested Value in this section.

The Page is divided into Holdings and Positions.

  • Holdings: You can see all the stocks that you hold in your Demat account. This also shows the current value of your holdings along with the actual value that you invested in the holdings.

  • Positions: You can see Todays positions as well as Overall positions including Equity, Derivatives, Commodities and Currencies (as applicable) here.


You can see your total purchasing power here. You can also transfer funds into your Trading account using Net Banking or UPI from this window. You can request for fund withdrawal also from the same window.


This section will help you keep up to date with all the important events of the Indian Stock Markets. This is divided into Categories viz. Indices, Screeners, News, Events etc


You can set your Favourite indices and view them on the Markets main page. You can view all the Indices across various exchanges. You can set them as favourites by using the Favourite Icon icon.

You can select any Index and view all its details. You can set the constituents in List or Heat map view, view the details of the Index. You can also see the Further contracts as well as the Option Chain of the Index in this section. You can trade these constituents by clicking on Trade Icon icon.

Live Pulse

It keeps you updated with live technical events like support, resistance, day high-low and many more. It keeps scanning the market on technical parameters and keeps displaying the scrips.


This section allows you to set your Favourite screeners on various Market sectors or indices so that they are available to you on the Markets main page.

You can view all the screeners using the View all option. The screeners are categorised into Price based, Volume based, OI Based etc.

You can set up screeners on the stocks or contracts in any exchange segment, sector etc. and view the screeners. There are a lot of filtering parameters available for you to setup the screeners exactly as you want them.


You can see the news information in this section. You will be able to view the news pertaining to your holdings on the top. You can view other news below that. You can click on the scrip related to the news to view its info and initiate trade from there.

In View all you will be able to see the News Categorised as Hot Pursuits, Sectors and Announcements.


You can view all Market Events such as Corporate Action, AGM, EGM etc. In the Calendar view all days where there are Events will be marked and you can jump to that specific date directly. You can click on any event to see details of the events.

Hamburger Menu

This section will help you access some key sections of the mobile app such as User Profile, Funds management, Recommendations and Alerts, Broker and Exchange Messages, Calculators etc.

You can access the Hamburger menu by clicking on the icon on top left-hand corner.


This section provides the profile information available in our system. You will be able to see your Name, email address, mobile no. and Bank accounts available in our system.

You can also update this information by following the instructions given in this section.


This section provides you all the funds related information of your trading account. You can see all funds related information such as Available and Utilised funds, the snapshot of the funds and the today's transactions in this window.

Clicking on the Utilised and Available funds Graph opens the detailed Funds View.

You can also initiate fund transfer from this section by clicking on the “Add Funds” options available. You just have to enter the amount you want to transfer, the mode of transfer and execute the same via the integrated payment gateway. You can also choose the bank account that you want to transfer the fund from in case you have mapped multiple bank accounts to your trading account.

You can submit a Fund Withdrawal request also from this window. The fund withdrawal option is available in the additional options menu () Selecting the Fund Withdrawal will open a form, you can enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit the request.

Recommendations and Alerts
  • Recommendations:

    This section will show case all the Recommendations sent by broker, you can initiate transactions into those scrips/contracts by clicking on the recommendation cards.

    The Recommendation card showcases the entry and the exit points and where the scrip's price is currently. It will also show case the recommendation date and the date till which that recommendation is valid.

  • Alerts:

    This section will show case all the alerts set by you on various scrips/contracts. You can also manage those alerts from this window.


You can view all Market This section is divided into three parts viz. Broker, Order and Exchange. You will be able to view all the messages, notifications sent by the us to you in Broker messages section.

You will be able to see all order related messages generated by the system as well as any message coming from the exchange related to your order in the Order messages section. You will be able to see all messages sent by the various Exchanges in this section.


The application has three essential calculators viz. Future Fair Value Calculator, Options Fair Value Calculator and Span Margin Calculator.

  • Future Fair Value Calculator: This calculator provides the theoretical calculation of how a future stock/index contract would be valued considering the current value, dividend paid on stocks, days to expiry and current interest rates on capital.

    You can select the underlying you want to calculate the Future fair value of by searching for the same. Enter the Days to expiry or choose the available expiries, enter the expected dividend and interest rate. Then press Calculate you will be shown the calculated value along with the current LTP of the contract. You can choose to Trade from this window itself.

  • Option Value Calculator: This calculator provides the theoretical calculation of how an options stock/index contract would be valued considering the current value, dividend, interest rate and volatility of the contract.

    You can select the underlying you want to calculate the Option value of by searching for the same. Enter the Days to expiry or choose the available expiries, enter the expected dividend and interest rate. Then press Calculate you will be shown the calculated value along with the current LTP of the contract.

  • Span Margin Calculator: This calculator helps you compute the margin required for initiating a trade in the exchange before taking the trade. Just search for the contract to know the margin requirement for the selected contract.

Need Help

This section answers the most frequently asked questions about using the mobile trading application. You can also access this usage guide in the Need Help section. You can also access our contact details here.


You can access App related settings in this area such as Theme and Font selection, Order preference and Security settings. You can select between Light and Dark theme and increase the Font size here. You can select the default order type for each exchange segment here. You can also setup the Fingerprint and Mpin login in this section.